what is BEM?

Brussels Electronic Marathon is 3 days of electronic music from the local scene. Parties, live concerts, DJ sets, workshops & films. 20+ venues, 30+ music collectives, 100% Brussels. BEM is an initiative of FTRSND.

and what is FTRSND?

FTRSND ("Future Sound") is a collective that brings together electronic music enthusiasts, creating links between different actors in the sector (DJ's, producers, graphic artists, and more). FTRSND's aim is to give visibility to local talent, giving them the opportunity to perform at events, encourage their participation in workshops, and by doing so increase the quality of their productions. Through the regular "Tribe Drinks", these local artists can meet, exchange ideas and get to know each other; FTRSND is more than the sum of its parts.

Brussels Electronic Marathon

So what is BEM? It’s a really cool event made by a dedicated and dynamic team of musicians who make bleepy bloopy sounds and things. It’s mostly about shaking and grinding your booty but sometimes it’s also about sitting down and thinking hard about your life. Sometimes people make music that makes it feel like you’re dying. That’s odd, because you wouldn’t think that’s really a selling point. But I guess some people like that? I don’t really know how dark synthwave grime works so maybe it’s all about dying. Like the gothic emo kid of the music genres. That sounds pretty accurate actually. How many words have I typed now? I don’t know!


And what is FTRSND?

It’s sort of a larger group of people also doing what I described above and they call themselves a tribe like some kind of aboriginals. It’s spooky really, maybe they will go live together in a commune somewhere and do polyamory and raise their kids together while making dark synthwave grime.

event map


BEM Party Buses!

Bus Madness to transport you along the Brussels Electronic Marathon this week-end, by MacSwell & Just Chillin'! With SHUNGU, DC Salas, Haring (free)

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Belga café

22h: Lomepal, Nusky & Vaati, Solo700
free entrance

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SAE institute Brussels

13h-17h: Workshops by Roland & Ableton live
free entrance but registration needed Go to event Go to map

Taille 33: Record store with live concerts

17h-19h: Ground Tactics, Fleur (free entrance) Go to event Go to map

L'Amour Fou

18h-23h: DJ Lou
Free BEM cocktail with your burger! free entrance Go to event Go to map

De Haus: Electronical Reeds

22h-4h: Jonathan La Fôret & Mimetic, Deeligent soul, Felix Cage
free entrance Go to event Go to map


Special BEM menu
(kitchen open from 12h-14h and 18h00-23h) free entrance Go to event Go to map

4041 space: BEM infopoint

12h-22h: BEM Info point Go to event Go to map

Fuse: We Are The Future
x Play Label Records

Marek Hemmann (live), Exon Bacon, Red'Out, Latence, O.D.Math (ticket €12 presale, €15 door) Go to event Go to map

Épicerie Moderne:
Blue cheese & Abstrakt

22h-5h: Louis B2B Lunår (free entrance) Go to event Go to map

Bonnefooi: Eating Records

22h-06h: Jason Hogans a.k.a. Brownstudy, warm-up by Dj Whoo
(free entrance) Go to event Go to map

AB club: FTRSND showcase

20h-23.30h: Sonøren, Sparkling Bits, Ozferti, Anitlux
(€6 euro presale, €10 at the door) Go to event Go to map

Madame Moustache

22h-4h: Phil Back D & Thomas Ray, Tech house, house, italo disco
(€5 before midnight, €7 after) Go to event Go to map

La Tentation: Global Hybrid

19h-20h30: open debate about electro-world music
20h30-3h: ethno-techno with Aghori, Alizarina, Fanfara Electronica, Ozferti (live), Rafael Aragon (donation) Go to event Go to map

The Crazy Circle:
Bedrock Records

22h-04h: CP DJ set, vinyl session.
free entrance Go to event Go to map

Bar du Marché

22h-03h: DJ set Scanu all night (free entrance) Go to event Go to map


21h-01h: Back to Matogne: Tringle Loop Machine (fat beats from jamaika to afrika) & Bruno Brown Selecta (alternative punky reggae) free entrance Go to event Go to map

BEM Party Buses!

2 days of Bus Madness to transport you along the Brussels Electronic Marathon this week-end, by MacSwell & Just Chillin'! With SPENDER, R.O, Jc b2b Lowty (free)

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Bar du Marché: Re:Fresh

22h-04h: 72soul & Dj Odilon bring Future Beats and Fresh Electronic Sounds. Go to event Go to map


22h-3h: Murvin Jay 20 years of DJing (tracks from 1996 - 2016) Go to event Go to map

L'Amour Fou: Leftorium

22h-5h: Mugwump b2b Prince Off, NazeK
18h-22h: Free cocktail with any burger Go to event Go to map

De Haus

21h30-04h — Swimlanes, Pole Folder, Reworck, NazeK
free entrance Go to event Go to map

4041 space

11h-22h: BEM info point
12h-19h: Creative talks, Workshops and debates - free entrance
More information on FB event Go to event Go to map

Brewdog: Bulex

23h-06h: With Highbloo, Junior GoodFellaz, Leopold, Electron, Jonathan La Forêt, Mimetic (free entrance) Go to event Go to map

Fuse: United

23h-07h: Initiate, Deep In House, Deep Heat, Norite, Vlek, Bepotel, Echoes, LessizMore, KickBack, Wired electronics, High Needs Low, Beyond, Le Pacifique (tickets €8-€12) Go to event Go to map

Épicerie Moderne:
Trahace x Impact

22h-7h: Incast, Reiter, Sonhan, Altinbas, Tarzh, Jorg Bergsen, Mister Bee (free entrance) Go to event Go to map

Bedroom Beats x Balaise

21h-6h: Avondlicht (live), Dj Bambooh, Penny Hitch + Ogre (VJ) - free entrance Go to event Go to map

Beursschouwburg: Wired Electronics

18h-22h: Modular synth initiation (free entrance) Go to event Go to map

Madame Moustache

22h-4h: deep house, house, italo disco with Dism and Luis Vogue (€5-€7) Go to event Go to map

Dr Vinyl

12h-21h30: Belgian Music Day (free entrance) Go to event Go to map

Brussels Beer project

14h-21h30: MegaKlaus Installation by Fleur supported by FTRSND (free entrance) Go to event Go to map

La Vallée:
Accross the sound valley

14h-20hh30: electro-acoustic and live electronic concert (free entrance) Go to event Go to map

Zodiak: Early Late, Hartslag, Buzz On your Lips

23h-07h: Baal, Latence B2B Hannibal, ADLV, X-Act, The Maybemachine, Pippin, SuMi, Bcote, Dézaulait (ticket €5) Go to event Go to map

Club Clandestin: Endless

Olivier Alex, Salva y Carlo, Yvon
free entrance Go to event Go to map

BEM conference

Creative talks, debates, workshops.
free entrance Go to event Go to map

Bloody Louis

23h-06h: Michael Calfan, Mickey, Simon Le Saint (ticket €10) Go to event Go to map


14h: Everydayz, Food For Ya Soul
free entrance Go to event Go to map

Non Peut-être:
BEM official after party

8am-4pm: with Amare, Ecco, Karl Welcom, Seb Legrand + artists from United party at Fuse (€5 at door, 1 free drink included) Go to event Go to map


BEM brunch
free entrance Go to event Go to map

Brewdog: ON. Afternoon

15h-22h: Jerome.C, Rafael Munoz, Groove Principality, Bankruptcy
free entrance Go to event Go to map

Bonnefooi: Electronic Jam

16h-22h: A very special Electronic Jam Session with Martin Méreau (La Chiva Gantiva), who will invite you to experiment with Live Drum & Bass, Funk and Electronica! (open to all) free entrance Go to event Go to map


free entrance (museum ticket needed to enter the museum) Go to event Go to map

Creative district: Documentaries

15h30-20h: The Sound of Belgium, The Sound of Change, Meet the beats: Montréal
(ticket 1€) Go to event Go to map

La Vallée: Accross the sound valley

14h-20hh30: electro-acoustic and live electronic concert (free entrance) Go to event Go to map

music collectives

The Brussels Electronic Marathon is only possible thanks to the collaboration of a huge number of Brussels collectives.


Abstrkt - the art within music - is a creative collective that specializes in organising premium parties and concerts in Ghent and Brussels. They mix interactive art and music into unique experiences, by inviting a wide range of talented artists from all over the world to make your day memorable.

Balaise Prod

Based in Charleroi, Balaise Prod is a collective of electronic music creatives and digital savvy who are remixing different mediums together to create unique experiences for the public. From live music, dj sets, vjing, scenography and audio-visual installation, they do it all !

Bedroom Beats

Bedroom Beats is a monthly event, aimed at taking upcoming producers out of their bedrooms and let them perform live before an audience.


Hazy or sparkling, the sound is just a portal to digital emotions: widescreensympathy, lukewarm spandexconviviality, miscalculated disorder, cold hammersweat, .. bepotel builds sonic landscapes.


BEYOND is a regular concept of events hosted by Pierre, Walrus, Kid Strike and Handless DJ. They aim to highlight the other side of clubbing, rooting inspiration from the legends of the past to the most exciting acts of today. Integrity, avant garde, expectations, no genre boundaries, evolving on the edge of 30 years of electronic knowledge.

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is a collective based in Brussels curating their love for Disco on the electronic music scene. Created early 2015, they organise regular events at Epicerie Moderne and The Crazy Circle. From Post, Italo to Nu, expect funky, groovy, loose slacks & style.


Bulex is warming the heart of Brussels since 1991 with huge parties, surprising places and original concepts. Inescapable events for more than 25 years, Bulex is celebrating a new era of cultural creation in their existence. They value social and cultural diversity, gender equality, feminine spirit and an inter-generational public.

Buzz on your lips

Buzz On Your Lips has been merrily organising parties and concerts in the Belgian scene since 2007, regularly hosting a sharp, varied and daring line up. We live music and to promote new music and emerging artists from the Belgian and international scene.

Contre Culture

Contre-Culture aims to present and promote artists from the music scene via video podcasts. The group consists of artists from different universes, in a perfect unison (producers, composers, DJs, graphic & motion designers).

Deep Heat

While pushing Techno music to the hallowed halls of a 21st century world heritage, DeepHeat has made its passion its mission by inviting a fine selection of artists to play at different venues in and around the capital.

Deep In House

From House to Techno. Deep in House brings you a fine selection of the best underground dj's from all over the World to Brussels. Since June 2012 their goal has been to organise events with high musical integrity and standards.


From soulful bass to abstract, deep and electronic beats from the mighty universe - EarlyLate is a party-concept that pushes the musical boundaries in Brussels and runs a weekly radio show on your favourite station: FM Brussel.

Eating records

Born out of the Brussels underground scene, Eating Records is led by Dj Whoo & Gilles. Merging two different horizons into a beautiful concept, they are celebrating house music in all its styles and colours. From break and deep to jack and club, it expresses the need to go back to the roots and connect with the present and future. Explore a pure analog world, modern, groovy and energetic.


Echoes _ is a Brussels based electronic music concept which takes places several times a year at Fuse. Focusing on the diversity of the genre as influences come and go through time. Echoing in our minds whilst reflecting through the music.

Electronical Reeds

A meeting platform for established and upcoming artists. Dancefloor driven cuts and melancholic grooves shape the label’s sound and have received a warm welcome from electronic music lovers and professionals all over the world.


The Belgian Federation for Electroacoustic Music (BeFEM) is the Belgian section of the International Confederation for Electroacoustic Music (ICEM), member of the International Music Council (IMC)- UNESCO


Initiators of the Brussels Electronic Marathon, FTRSND (Future Sound) is a collective of musicians and entrepreneurs which aims at making the belgian electronic music scene better known. You can see us as Brussels' electronic music home base.

Gobal Hybrid

Global Hybrid are world music activists and event organizers from Brussels dedicated to the newest electronified world music. Mind-blowing trips to remote folklores, remixed dance culture and trance rituals. A never ending, organic flight, energic crossing through the jungle or psychedelic trip to the heart of shamanic traditions.


Impact is a House and Techno collective from Le Mans in France, joining forces and support with local collective Trahace for a special #BEM16 night at Epicerie Moderne.


Hartslag is a Brussels based music and arts collective, that organizes their own projects. They create an inspirational frame by crossing different art types. The main focus is to inspire artists and reunite musicians.


Initiate is a FTRSND side projet willing to present the hypnotic and voodoo side of electronic music with a strong bond to our mother earth and nature while putting the crowd at the center of attention.

Just Chillin'

Just Chillin' is a Brussels based Booking & Management agency for musicians. Their current rosters include Haring and Sparkling Bits. They have collaborated with MacSwell in the past and are excited to support #BEM16 in its first edition.

Kick Back

Kick Back is a young collective from Brussels created in 2013. Its purpose is to promote electronic music in its most alternative and underground forms. So far they had the pleasure to invite some of the biggest european labels such as R&S Records and Cyclon Recordings. You can also listen to the Kick Back Radio Show every Wednesday (8.00 - 10.00 pm) on Radio Vibration.

La Pacifique

(more information coming soon!)


Leftorium is a party organiser, keeping all things to the Left since 2011. Their purpose is to ignore the boundaries of genre classification within 4/4 music. Coherent, non-purist, mix of cool & modern dance music with an edge and a special Leftorium twist. They keep the vibe fresh and exclusive !

Less iz more

Lessizmore has become known for musical integrity and creating parties in Europe for both the artists and the crowd; a stamp synonymous of the wild frontier creative dance music. They hold legendary sessions at Brussels’ techno mecca, Fuse, underground music to audiences that might otherwise have been unaware.


MacSwell is a Belgian non-profit Art company. Their goal is to produce and promote artists in music as in the graphic arts- through an international network, and creative approach. They have operated regular parties in the capital at Fuse, Bazaar, Bloody Louis, ... but also for MNF, BSF & the Brussels Gallery.

Non peut-être

Weekly after parties every Sunday from 8am to 4pm, NPE brings together Brussels-based dj’s and electronic music enthousiasts for some fine after hours.


NORITE, n. (nôr'ït) : a granular igneous rock consisting of a mix of light and dark minerals. Established in 2015 in Brussels, Norite is a label focused on innovative techno music.

On. afterparties

ON. is a new Electronic Music Party Collective in Brussels. After being residents at the Electronic Gardens in Parc Royal, they are now known as the founders of ON. Afternoon at Parckfarm T&T. Their party concept aims to be both unifying in spirit and ecologically-responsible.

PlayLabel records

PlayLabel was launched in 2008 as an artists’ collective, led by emerging talents from Brussels' electronic music scene. Quickly successful, they developed over the years from enthusiastic music-savvy to professional party and event organizers in Brussels and beyond.


Re:fresh is a radio show on BRUZZ radio hosted by 72 Soul and DJ Odilon. Every week they present their selection of emerging hip-hop and future beats. Listen to them Monday evenings, from 8 to 9pm.


Trahace aims to share and curate proper Techno and House music on the Brussels scene. Alternative Clubbing. Eclectic People. Underground Signature. This is the spirit they convey during their events.


Vlek is a brussels based record label. They release music and promote other art forms, launching from the fringes of the underground beat scene into ever more far-flung territories. These days, their brand of muggy abstraction comes in a variety of packages like releases of locals Bepotel, Lawrence Ledoux, Baleine300 and Sagat.

We are the future

WATF We are the Future is a belgian collective organising monthly events at Fuse, Brussels techno temple. Bringing in some of the finest names like Joris Delacroix, Mount Kimbie and Joy Orbison their love for music has been making the dancefloor sweat since 3 years already !

Wired Electronics

Wired Electronics is Brussels' modular synth hub. Networking people and organising events since 2010, the collective organises popular modular synth meetings presenting the newest gear by manufacturers, live performances, workshops and jam sessions for the pleasure of your ears and the bliss of your geekiness.

Zone inconnue

Zone Inconnue is a radio show on Radio Vibration since 2008. They invite DJ's, producers, labels and events promoters from the alternative electronic music scene of Brussels. No genre classification; Drum&Bass-BassMusic-Glitch-IDM-Breakcore... you name it ! Every Monday from 8pm, 107.2 FM Brussels - 91.0 FM Mons

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Tickets for BEM

Most events during the Brussels Electronic Marathon are free of charge, and only require you to show up. However, some of the venues may sell tickets in presale or may charge at the door.

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Where to eat & sleep during BEM


L'Amour Fou

Day of the "Electronic Burger". This includes an apero for anyone who orders a burger from Friday to Sunday. L'Amour Fou also hosts a party on Saturday starting at 10pm (Leftorium).


Brunch on Sunday, with performances at 1pm with Everydayz and Food For Ya Soul.


Special BEM menu: Pims and Nuggets for 8 euros. Brunch on sunday. Party on Friday starting at 11pm.


BEM apero for all, Friday to Sunday.


BEM Brunch on Sunday.


A glass of wine for anyone who order a "planchette de fromage et saucisson".

BEM Hotel


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